Best Diet Foods

My results after searching for the best diet foods


Number one on the list of the best diet foods is full fat yogurt. This must contain the probiotics for digestion health. I personally use this every morning for my breakfast.

Number two is coconut oil, as a best diet food. It helps to promote full or satisfied feeling, use it for cooking. Extra-virgin olive oil should also be mentioned as one of the healthiest fats available as an oil.

Chai seeds is one of the best diet foods, it’s very nutritious it expands after eating giving you a full feeling and reduced appetite.

Grapefruit this is a best diet food when eaten before meals, may help you feel more satisfied and therefore eat less.

Eggs is a best diet food, they’re loaded with protein and fat.

Leafy greens is a best diet food, it is a perfect food for weight loss,  high in fiber, low in calories, high in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.

Salmon is a best diet food. Incredibly healthy, loaded with high-quality protein, healthy fats and nutrients including iodine which we need, also omega-3 fatty acids.

The cabbage family vegetables; which are cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. These are high in fiber and cancer fighting substances.

Lean beef and chicken they are high in protein and energy.

Boil potatoes. They have a little of everything you need for your nutrition, they’re extremely filling, They’ve been given a bad rap.

Beans and legumes high in protein and fiber.

Soups. Any meal can be made into a soup and this would make a fuller more satisfying meal, with the addition of water.

cottage cheese is a best diet food. Any dairy is high in protein, cottage cheese is low in calories. Other dairy products like skyr and Greek yogurt are good as well.

Best Diet Food

Avocados is the best diet food, it’s loaded with healthy fats.

Apple cider vinegar is a best diet foods. 2 tablespoons diluted in water will reduce appetite and give a full feeling thus eating less.

Nuts; nuts is the best diet food, excellent snack, high in fiber and protein.

Whole Grain is another best diet food. All grains are loaded with fiber.

Chili pepper is a best diet food. Chili pepper contains capsaicin which has been shown to reduce appetite and increased fat burning in some studies.

Fruit is the best day food, most health experts agree that Fruit is healthy for you.


As you can see from the list above it would be very easy to make a meal or even a snack from this list that would be very tasty. Most of these foods I eat now I think what I need to do is control the size of my portion.