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What pushed me to make this website? It was my frustrations with the inability to loss weight at my current age of 70. When I was as young as 25, when my pants started getting to tight to snap, all I needed to do was cut down on second helpings at the dinner table. What seemed like the next day, my pants fit again. Then in the mid 30s, it wasn’t the next day but the next week to get back easily into my pants. By the 40s it was taking months to trim down just a little, and each decade I was up one pant size. I excepted the size increase with age, but I hated it. I still have boxes of still good pants, hoping to get back to that size.

Something happened in my 50s, I no longer could drop weight gains. My 1st realization of this happened when my wife and I returned from a 10 days cruise. I had gained 10 pounds in 10 days, and weeks and months went by and it was still there. All the free foods and deserts was my downfall.

So as I entered my 60s, I hated to see myself in the mirror, that wasn’t me looking back at me. Many attempts at dieting had failed. There must be a way to do this I said to myself. And on we go!!


There are many pitfalls along the way. Family, friends, social gatherings, all these things tend to have food involved. Many times work will keep you busy, and you won’t have time for exercise or you won’t get as much exercise as you need.


Does exercise work? Yes it does if you do it, but we don’t do it. This is the problem with exercise it’s hard to do on a regular basis. Does exercise work?

Yes it does if you do it, but we don’t do it. There’s an old saying we are what we eat. That said if we eat a big Mac from McDonald’s we are going to need to run about 5 to 6 miles to burn it off or walk about 12 to 15 miles I don’t wanna do that do you? And most senior citizens walk they don’t run. For me I stay away from big Macs.


As we age everything slows down, our metabolism become slower. With a slower metabolism we need less fuel, less food and less exercise. At least less exercise sounds good to me. Everything in moderation is a good rule of thumb I found especially when it comes to food. I find it easier to eat less than it is to exercise more.


Your conclusion is all that matters. I hope this has helped you in someway, or reinforced your beliefs and ideas.

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